2019-20 Mill Valley Middle School

Buses from the MV Depot and Homestead Valley will NOT directly serve Mill Valley Middle School. Instead, they will pick up and drop off at the adjacent Community Center, and there is a path that students can use to walk to and from school. Buses will pick up 20-30 minutes after the afternoon bell.

Review the Bus Schedules before making your purchase. 

Two different payment options are available:

  • Pay in Full: $360.00
  • 10 Monthly Payments: $39.60 - includes $3.60/month service charge

If you choose the 10 Monthly Payments option, you are agreeing to make all ten payments.  Bus passes are non-refundable and payments cannot be cancelled.  The only exception is for students who move out of the school district.  In these cases, a pro-rated refund will be issued.

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