Single Ride Pass Booklets

Tickets on sale now are valid throughout the first semester (September 1 - December 20). Any tickets already sold with a validity period through September 30 will be accepted through December 20.

Each ticket is good for a one-way trip on the yellow bus to or from school. Give your ticket to the bus driver when you board the bus.

In the afternoon, drivers will drop students at their requested stop and then continue along the route. Once children exit the bus, they are the responsibility of their parents or guardians.  If students require supervision once dropped off, please plan to arrive early so as not have them remain at the stop unsupervised. K & 1st grade students must be met by an adult at drop off.

After completing your purchase, the ticket booklet will be available for pick up at your school's main office.

All sales are final. Single ride passes are non-refundable. 

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