Edna Maguire

Edna Maguire School Yellow Bus Route C Schedule (AM and PM)

The AM and PM schedule for the Route C Bus serving Edna Maguire from the MV Depot is listed below.  Route C serves students at both MVMS and Edna Maguire School.  Any changes to the schedule will be communicated to parents in advance of changes going into effect.


Stop Time
Mill Valley Depot 8:05a
Linden & Evergreen 8:10a
Miller & Reed 8:15a
Mill Valley Community Center 8:20a
Edna Maguire 8:30a

PM (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)

Stop Time
Edna Maguire 3:10p
Mill Valley Community Center 3:20p
Miller & Camino Alto (Safeway) 3:25p
Miller Ave & Reed St 3:26p
Linden & Evergreen 3:30p
Mill Valley Depot 3:40p

PM (Wed - Early Release)

Stop Time
Edna Maguire 2:00p
Mill Valley Community Center 2:10p
Mill Valley Depot 2:18p
Linden Ln & Evergreen Ave 2:23p
Miller Ave & Reed St 2:25p